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Lomi Lomi Hapai

Pregnancy Massage

The Lomi Lomi Hapai is a pregnancy massage from the Lomi Lomi tradition. For many pregnant women, the Hapai is a welcome gift. With the gentle wave movements and long strokes of the Lomi Lomi, this Hawaiian massage is ideal to help mother and child relax.

Lomi Lomi is known for its gentle loving effect where you feel supported and can let go of everything. The body relaxes, thoughts are still. Especially during pregnancy, when the body has to constantly adapt, it is important for the mother to be able to relax. The Lomi Hapai often ensures a better night's sleep, less stress, a relaxed body and fewer pregnancy complaints.

Side massage
During the Lomi Hapai you lie in a sideways position on the massage table. You are supported with pillows and blankets so that you are comfortable and stable. Before I start, I attune myself well to you and your baby. With Lomi Lomi I work with my hands and (lower) arms all over the body. All the movements are smooth and soft.

Wait until the 12th week

For the Lomi Hapa it is best to wait until the 12th week of your pregnancy. Although Lomi Lomi is a gentle flowing relaxing massage form, a lot is already happening in your body in the first weeks. A massage and its effects (like the flowing of energy or detoxing) can be just a bit too much in those weeks. The Hapai can be safely given from the 12th week.

Treatment at home also possible

Does it cost you too much energy to come to my practice? For a Lomi Hapai massage ritual it is also possible to come to your home. Outside the region of The Hague, I charge a small km fee.

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