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Oceanlight Watersession

Watermassage and floating

photo: Tanne de Lange

Surrender. With an Oceanlight Watersession you float in warm water of 35.5 degrees. I will hold you, move and rock you through the water and even take you underwater if you're ready. Being completly supported by the water, its warmth and my guidance will bring you directly into another state of mind. You enter another world.

Massage by movements in the water

While you float, we make smooth movements in the warm water. The movements form a massage for your body in which you can more easily release tensions, stress or emotions such as sadness and anger. Your body indicates exactly how far it wants to go with the movements.

Movements underwater

Let me take you underwater. This can be intense and can be experienced as a rebirthing or feeling of being home again.


You are being carried

I carry you with great devotion and unconditional love to create a safe space for you in which everything what is needed can take place.

Good for.....

An Oceanlight Watersession is good for a deep relaxation of your body and a peaceful mind. A Watersession is very helpful:

  • to allow emotions and fears

  • to let go of control

  • learn to surrender

  • for stress and burnout symptoms

  • for stiff muscles and joints

  • for self love

  • as support in a difficult time

"Water is like the Earth's womb and holds a long-forgotten ancient wisdom that has a deep connection to the feminine and our emotions."

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