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Practical info Watersession

Oceanlight Watersession

Everything you need to know for an Oceanlight Watersession.

How does a Watersession look like?

An Oceanlight Water session lasts 1.5 hours in total. The time of a session looks approximately like this:


  • change your clothes and intake 15 minutes

  • watersession 60 minutes

  • change your clothes, aftertalk & tea 15 minutes ​


What to bring?

Your swimwear, a towel, slippers and a bottle of water for after the session.

Your safety

During the session you get floaters for your legs and a noseclip for the movements underwater. I am with you all the time. Before the session starts, we set up our communication-signs for above and underwater.

Our location

The Oceanlight Watersessions take place in the wellnessbath of Center du Lac in Pijnacker. This location is easily accessible by car and public transport.

Eating and drinking before the session

Make sure you eat light and digestible food on the day of the session. Please do not eat anything 1 hour before the session. Floating in water with a full stomach is not recommendable.

After the session

An Oceanlight Watersession will often touch a lot inside of you. Not only on physical level, but also on emotional level or other feelings might be accessible to you. It's best to take the rest of the day some time off.

photo: Tanne de Lange

photo: Aleksandra Renska

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