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About Oceanlight

The hands and face of the masseuse

The waves, the ocean, the water, the silence, the flowing movements. After I received a number of Lomi Lomi massages myself, I knew that this is the type of massage that suits me. It is a wonderful way to relax, to get good in your body and your feeling.  The gentle touches of the De-Armouring fit in perfectly with this and work on another level. Both are needed.


Because of my background I am used to working with the elements. That makes Lomi Lomi more than a standard massage. It is a ritual where I invite all elements to work with.

Recently I also give Watersessions in Center du Lac (Pijnacker). The Watersessions are closely related to Lomi Lomi for me. Both work with the rhythm and the unconditionality of the ocean. You feel carried by the warm water. When you are ready to let go and allow the surrender, you can experience a sense of unity. I would like to pass it on to you....

I work from my intuition combined with massage techniques that I learn during my training:

  • Cranio Sacral Healing Basics (HeelSaam, Galder)

  • Lomi Lomi Module 2 (Zonnevlecht Opleidingen, Wijk en Aalburg)

  • Lomi Lomi Hapai Pregnancy Massage (Zonnevlecht Opleidingen, Wijk en Aalburg)

  • Lomi Lomi Healing Circle (Zonnevlecht Opleidingen, Wijk en Aalburg)

  • Lomi Lomi Module 1 (Zonnevlecht Opleidingen, Wijk en Aalburg)

  • Lomi Lomi (Leren Massage Geven, Rotterdam)

  • Shamanic De-Armouring Level 1 (Facilitator Gosse Beerda)

  • Cosmic Healing Love Massage I and II - Taoist Massage (Yin Yang Balance, Voorburg)

  • Shamanic longterm teachings (ancient path of knowledge) and healingtechniques: Chief Dancing Thunder of the Susquehannock (my teacher since 2016)

  • Working with Healing Qi (2014 and 2018): Healing program by Zhineng Qi Gong masters Zhengdao Lu and Wang Ling Ling from China

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