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Body De-Armouring is a touch technique to discharge and remove stored emotions, tension and stress from our body. Literally, de-armouring means 'to peel off'. Your body is allowed to lower the 'shield' so that it can relax and an emotional release can take place.


During a De-Armouring session I listen to your body. Your body perfectly indicates where, how and in what way (softer, harder) it wants to be touched. You don't have to do anything, just relax.

Facia & triggerpoints

During De-Armouring I work with the facia (connective tissue) and various triggerpoints that are spread throughout your body. I start the massage by gentle pressure with my hands. This is going very slowly. You will find that you react sensitively to some triggerpoints than others. This is because each triggerpoint is associated with certain emotions. Negative experiences may cause blockages and tension in our system, as a result of which the natural life energy does not flow properly. This often leads to physical and psychological discomfort, or you may notice a decrease in energy levels. At sensitive trigger points, we aim to find the threshold of what remains comfortable. By applying touch and gentle pressure to these trigger points, the fascia is encouraged to open up further, ultimately leading to relaxation and the restoration of energy flow in that area.

Emotional impact

Some events you experienced as a child may have felt exceptionally threatening. When reflecting on these events as an adult, they may not seem as threatening at all. However, for you as a child, they were. No matter how small. The emotional impact of these events is still stored in your system.

Tender Touch Technique

There are different ways of De-Armouring. I work with the Tender Touch Technique, only on the heart and stomach area. My first personal experience with this gentle form of De-Armouring made me aware of my body's willingness to release if touched in the right loving way.


A De-Armouring session takes approximately 1,5 hours. The first time I recommend a combination of Lomi Lomi and De-Armouring.

"During a De-Armouring session, I listen to your body. Your body indicates perfectly where, how, and in what manner (softer, harder) it wants to be touched. You don't need to do anything, just relax."


Body emotional release

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