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Lomi Lomi

Body massage ritual of the Kahuna from Hawaii

photo: Aleksandra Renska

Lomi Lomi is a relaxing and healing body massage from Hawaii. Wavy, rhythmic movements with the hands, forearms and elbows bring you into total relaxation. The power of Lomi Lomi lies in the combination of massage techniques with dance, prayers and intention.


Lomi Lomi is a full body body massage

You feel the massage as flowing wave movements all over your body. During the massage you notice how Hawaii is inextricably linked to the ocean. Slow relaxing movements alternate with faster, deeper movements. This rhythm of the ocean takes you along. Thoughts can do nothing more than be still. From this 'state of no mind' your body can more easily release tensions.


Healing through Hawaiian prayers and intention

The Kahuna - the original inhabitants of Hawaii - are known for their healing Lomi Lomi massages. From the Huna philosophy, everything and everyone is connected by unconditional love. During the massage this love flows through the hands of the masseur through prayers and intention. Lomi Lomi is therefore also called the 'loving hands' massage.

Power of elements

At Lomi Lomi you feel the connection with the elements of the earth. Realize that you also consist of these elements. You will feel different movements and rhythms during a massage ritual, such as big waves, small waterstreams, soft raindrops and vortexes. When fire is needed to generate energy, you feel heat coming from my hands or within your body. The Ha-Breath (breathing technique) helps to release the energy that is no longer needed. Lomi Lomi is just the original language of your body.

"Bij Lomi Lomi weerspiegelen het ritme en de bewegingen de Hawaïaanse natuur en haar elementen. Omdat jijzelf ook uit elementen bestaat, herkent het lichaam dit en kan weer in het eigen oorspronkelijke ritme komen en ontspannen."

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