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The ritual

What can you expect at a Lomi Lomi Massage Ritual?

Lomi Lomi is a wonderful massage ritual for your body to release tension. The ritual begins with the attunement.  


The 'Pule'

You lie on the massage table and I place my hands on your body. In silence I say a prayer (Pule) to attune and prepare myself. In the Pule I also ask for guidance with the ritual and healing that is necessary for you. You can relay your own prayer or intention to me, or I'll relay the intention to you if it comes through in the Pule.


During the treatment

During the ritual, I perform traditional Hula moves. In this Hawaiian  dance, I move around your body. I work with my hands (lower) arms and elbows. Your whole body is massaged. Also your head, neck, arms, legs, feet. A Lomi Lomi massage uses a lot of massage oil.


Duration of a treatment

A Lomi Lomi ritual (front and back) takes about 90 minutes. Sometimes it takes a little longer or shorter. We agree that in advance. It is also possible to book a Lomi Lomi ritual just for the front or the back (60 minutes).

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